Neo Celebrates

Terms and Conditions

Neo Stars Rewards Programme

Neo Stars are earned spending under the membership programme of Neo Group Limited, rewarding members with redeemable vouchers on their next purchase.

  • Neo Stars are awarded for amount spent
    After discounts and/or promotions and excludes delivery charges, side orders, live stations, bentos, add-ons and GST.
    • o Catering Orders: Every $10 = 50 Neo Stars
    • o Retail Orders: Every $2 = 25 Neo Stars
  • Neo Stars will BE awarded
    • o For orders with event dates^ from 12 April 2017 onwards
    • o When Neo Celebrates membership account is fully activated at least 3 days before event date to ensure that Neo Stars can be successfully awarded
    • o Within 7 working days after the delivery of order and receipt of full payment

    There are no exceptions to the conditions stated.

  • Do Neo Stars have a validity period?

    Neo Stars issued will be valid from 6 to 12 months.

    Neo Stars awarded between 1 April and 30 September of the current year will expire by 31 March of the following year.
    E.g. Neo Stars awarded on 1 August 2017 will expire on 31 March 2018.

    Neo Stars awarded between 1 October of the current and 31 March of next year will expire by 30 September of the same year.
    E.g. Neo Stars awarded on 30 November 2017 will expire on 30 September 2018. Likewise, Neo Stars awarded on 30 January 2018 will expire on 30 September 2018.

^Event date means the day the delivery is made and completed. It does not equate to the day the order is made.

Neo Celebrates Membership Programme

  1. Neo Celebrates membership is only available as an individual membership.
  2. The membership and associated benefits are for the sole use of that member, membership is non-transferable.
  3. Memberships cannot be shared or combined with other memberships.
  4. Neo Celebrates membership is unavailable to corporations, associations and groups.
  5. Membership to Neo Celebrates is complimentary for a limited time offer and can be applied for upon buffet catering orders with Neo Garden, Orange Clove and Deli Hub
  6. All applicants must be 15 years old and above on the day of application, failure to comply will mean discontinuation of a person’s membership.
  7. Members are required to update Neo Group Limited with any changes to personal information that could affect their membership.
  8. It is the member’s responsibility to report a lost or stolen membership card.
  9. Neo Group Limited reserves the right to request for a member’s membership card, along with other identifying details.
  10. Neo Group Limited has the right to restrict benefits and discontinue a member’s profile.
  11. Neo Group Limited reserves the right to add, modify or remove benefits at its sole discretion, and without prior notice.


The Neo Celebrates programme is open to all. To be eligible for membership under the Programme, the following conditions must be met:

  • Applicants must be 15 years and above at the time of card application.
  • Members have to provide an existing mailing address in Singapore.
  • Members may also choose to self-collect the card at Neo Group Limited, 1 Enterprise Road, Singapore 629813 during office hours.
  • Members may also assign a proxy to collect on their behalf. The proxy must present an authorisation letter from member, as well as his/her and their photo IDs upon collection of their card.
  • Only one (1) account per Member is allowed. Neo Group reserves the right to void any one of the duplicate accounts.
  • Only individual persons are eligible to apply for the Neo Celebrates card. Corporations or other legal entities are not eligible to apply for the Neo Celebrates card.

Neo Group Limited reserves the right to adjust a Member’s account status due to computer error, machine malfunction, operator error, fraud or other misuse of Neo Celebrates card.

Eligibility of Membership

  1. As a limited time offer, membership for Neo Celebrates is complimentary with a Qualifying Purchase from catering brands.
  2. Neo Group Limited reserves the right to withdraw or terminate this promotion at Neo Group’s sole discretion, without prior notice to its customers or members of this withdrawal.

Joining the Programme

Existing Members with valid membership as of (1st April 2016) will automatically be included in the new Neo Celebrates Programme.

New Members may participate in the Programme through the following ways:

  • Buffet catering from Neo Garden, Orange Clove, Deli Hub Regular Buffets

Activation of Membership

For buffet catering, Members will be sent cards to the mailing address given to Neo Group Limited. Members are responsible for activating their card to exercise their privileges.

For retail purchases, Members will need to activate their card to exercise their privileges.

Terminated Accounts

Members may cancel their membership at any time by written notice to Neo Celebrates Customer Service at

Neo Group reserves the right to terminate a Member’s account at Neo Group’s sole discretion. Where a Member has verbally or physically abused any of the staff of Neo Group, acted fraudulently or dishonestly, destructed or damaged any property belonging to Neo Group, and/ or abused the Neo Celebrates Programme in any manner whatsoever, his/her account will be terminated immediately.

Neo Group reserves the right to terminate, amend and/or vary the Neo Celebrates Programme or any part thereof, at any time with advance notice.

Neo Group shall not be liable to Members for any loss of value or privileges that may arise as a result of such termination, amendment and/or variation (as the case may be) made to the Neo Celebrates programme.