Neo Celebrates

Frequently Asked Questions

Neo Celebrates is the membership programme of Neo Group Limited, created to give our members greater value and provide them with better service

Benefits and Privileges of becoming a Neo Celebrates Member

What are the benefits and privileges of becoming a Neo Celebrates member?

  • • Enjoy special discounts and offers from our in-house brands and partners
  • • Get access to priority catering bookings during festive seasons
  • • Be entitled to take part in exclusive members-only workshops and events of your choice
  • • Earn Neo Stars on qualified spending which are redeemable for vouchers to be used on your next order with us
  • • Be the first to know of new menus, items and services

Becoming a Neo Celebrates Member

How do I become a Neo Celebrates member?

Active existing members of the Neo Privilege programme (terminated) will automatically be included in the Neo Celebrates programme. New applicants can click here to sign up for complimentary membership.

How do I activate my Neo Celebrates account?

We are no longer giving out physical cards. Upon signing up for our membership program, a membership number along with a unique QR code will be given to you.

For retail purchase, flash your QR code at the cashier during payment. For catering orders, quote your membership number to your sales consultant who will be assisting you.

This ensures Neo Stars to be recorded in your account.

Is there an annual membership fee and expiry date for Neo Celebrates member card?

Neo Celebrates membership cards do not have annual membership fees and do not have an expiry date.

Am I eligible for Neo Celebrates Membership?

Yes, if you are of age 15 years old and above. Neo Celebrates membership is currently complimentary.

Awarding Neo Stars

How can I earn Neo Stars?

Neo Stars are only awarded for menu price (Catering) and item price (Retail) excluding discounts, delivery & GST charges. Items such as side orders, mini party sets, DIY stations, live stations & bentos are not eligible for Neo Stars. umidelivery items are also excluded from earning Neo Stars. Do note that an activated account is required and the member is responsible for informing the Catering Consultant of membership details. Unfortunately we are unable to award Neo Stars for past events, hence Neo Stars will not be awarded for memberships that were activated after point of ordering, or if the Catering Consultant was not informed of the membership details.

I catered previously before applying for Neo Celebrates membership, will Neo Stars still be awarded for the order?

Unfortunately we are unable to award Neo Stars for orders made prior to becoming a Neo Celebrates member. An active Neo Celebrates membership account, of which details must be provided to the Catering Consultant at the point of ordering, is required for the system to award and credit Neo Star

I have not received my Neo Celebrates card, will I still be awarded Neo Stars for my orders?

Neo Stars will not be awarded for non-activated cards at point of ordering. An activated account, of which details must be provided to the Catering Consultant at the point of ordering, is required for the system to award and credit Neo Stars. Your Neo Celebrates membership card will take around 4 weeks to reach you after your application date. Festive periods may result in delays due to a surge in mailing and other unforeseen circumstances.

I have an activated Neo Celebrates account, does it mean I will automatically receive Neo Stars?

Yes, provided that you have provided necessary details of membership to the Catering Consultant at the point of ordering. Neo Stars will be automatically credited within 7 working days after the event date.

I have an event happening before 12 April 2017, will I still be entitled to Neo Stars?

Earning of Neo Stars requires that the Neo Celebrates membership account is activated and details of the activated membership be conveyed to the Catering Consultant at the point of ordering, regardless of the event date.

How do I keep track of my awarded Neo Stars?

You may log on to your account at Neo Celebrates portal here to find out.

Why is my Neo Stars not reflected in my portal?

Neo Stars will be credited within 7 working days for valid orders excluding discounts, delivery, GST charges, side orders, DIY stations, live stations & bentos.

How can I redeem my Neo Stars for vouchers?

You can exchange your Neo Stars for vouchers by following the below steps:
1. Log into your account on
2. Go to “Redemption” tab.
3. Add desired vouchers into cart. You can read the T&Cs of the vouchers by hovering your cursor over them.
4. Click onto “Redeem” to cart out your e-vouchers. Your Neo Stars will be deducted accordingly.
5. An email consisting all the e-vouchers that you have redeemed will be sent to you.

- For redemption of retail vouchers, flash the QR code that’s on the voucher before making your purchase at the cashier.
- For redemption of catering vouchers, quote your voucher number and membership number to your catering consultant who will assist you accordingly.

Neo Stars Redemption

What is the minimum amount of Neo Stars required for redemption?

A minimum of 1,250 Neo Stars is needed to redeem a $5 voucher.

What is the validity of my redeemed vouchers?

Vouchers are valid for 90 days, from day of redemption

Can I extend the validity of vouchers redeemed?

Vouchers redeemed have to be used within 90 days of redemption. Please use them before they expire.

Lost or stolen Neo Celebrates membership cards

What should I do if my Neo Celebrates membership card has been lost or stolen?

  • • Contact the Neo Celebrates membership team immediately at 6833 7963, to ensure that your awarded Neo Stars are not accessed by someone else
  • • Drop us a message at the “Contact Us” function found on
  • • Notify us via email at

A replacement card will be mailed to you within the next 3-4 weeks.

It has been 4 weeks since I applied for my Neo Celebrates membership but I have not yet received my card, what should I do?

1. Double check your mailbox to ensure that the card has not yet arrived

2. Contact the Neo Celebrates Team at for further assistance